Bridge, Tunnel, Dam, and Levee Inspections: Opportunities and Risks for Engineering Consultants (New York)

Title:Bridge, Tunnel, Dam, and Levee Inspections: Opportunties and Risks for Engineering Consultants
Date:January 29, 2009
Description:Given the sad state of the nation’s public infrastructure and the growing trend of public entities outsourcing their infrastructure inspection needs, there is a heightened demand for inspection services by civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering firms. The opportunities that coincide with this demand are coupled with exposure to huge risks associated with a catastrophic failure of the inspected facility. This particular Design Professional Roundtable explored the various concerns and considerations for firms engaging in these infrastructure inspection programs. David J. Hatem, PC of Donovan Hatem LLP served as the moderator and began the discussion by providing a detailed introduction and overview of the emerging liability trends associated with various types of infrastructure inspections.

David then asked our panel of industry leading engineering consultants — David Corkum of Donovan Hatem LLP, Lee Wooten of GEI Consultants, William Hover of GZA, Henry Russell of Parsons Brinckerhoff — to share some of their lessons learned and best practices from specific infrastructure inspection engagements.