Comparison of AIA Documents and ConsensusDOCS

Title:Comparison of AIA Documents and ConsensusDOCS
Date:May 21, 2009
Description:Design professionals have traditionally favored the AIA form agreements, which first splashed onto the scene in 1888. Modified through the years, the AIA has produced many versions of contract documents that design professionals continue to utilize for a variety of reasons. In September 2007, a new document called the ConsensusDOCS was launched.Sue E. Yoakum, Esq., AIA and Justin Jagher, Esq., led this presentation on May 21st and explored the differences and similarities between the Owner-Architect Agreements for the AIA and the ConsensusDOCS. Were these competing or complementary documents? What type of owner or design professional wanted to use the respective documents? Were there any advantages or disadvantages to using either form?