Upcoming Events Where You Can Find Donovan Hatem

We have shared that Donovan Hatem LLP will be presenting at NSPECon in Raleigh, NC in August. We’re pleased to share an extended look at various events across the country that our attorneys will be speaking at.

From June 23-26, Donovan Hatem LLP will be presenting twice at the Underground Construction Association NAT2024.

Our two presentations will focus on the various approaches available for dispute resolution for major projects, and the collaborative applications of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI), Observational Method (OM), and machine learning and how it impacts risk management.

Also in June, Donovan Hatem will be represented on a panel discussing discussing Project-Specific professional liability insurance at the Willis Towers Watson Convocation.

This October, we will be presenting at the ACEC Canada National Leadership Council in Ottawa. This is a one-day event tailored by industry experts for industry professionals. Through a thoughtfully curated program, speakers, panelists and keynote speakers will delve into pertinent business, regulatory, and economic issues, providing a comprehensive exploration of the opportunities and challenges within our sector.

As 2024 progresses, Donovan Hatem is committed to staying actively involved in the conversations that matter and resonate with our clients, partners and community stakeholders. Continue to visit our website or our LinkedIn page for updates on where to find us sharing our knowledge.