Donovan Hatem is Focusing on AI in 2024

Boston, December 13, 2023 – Donovan Hatem LLP is looking forward to its upcoming slate of of Newsletters and Roundtables as it enters the New Year. Below are some of their immediate plans as they enter the 2024 year.

Design & Construction Management Professional Reporter Series on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) represents an evolving intersection among technological advancement, human innovation and Design Professionals’ standards, judgments and capabilities. Design Professionals’ use of AI creates new opportunities for architectural and engineering services while also generating new and unknown risks and potential liabilities. The January 2024 Design & Construction Management Professional Reporter will include the first of a four-part in-depth series of articles discussing in more detail how AI and Design Professionals will interact. The first of these topics will be published in January 2024 followed by other articles. The article set will include:

  • Professional Standard of Care for Design Professionals (Jan, 2024)
  • Ethical and Registration Issues for Design Professionals
  • Design Professional Firm Policies and Guidelines
  • Insurance and Risk Management Considerations

Roundtable Focusing on AI Use

In April of 2024 we plan to convene a Roundtable focused on AI where Donovan Hatem LLP will be addressing how these opportunities and risks associated with AI can be identified, addressed and managed. The Firm will be presenting other Roundtable topics in the coming year. We look forward to receiving your feedback, comments and input in response to the coming Roundtables and articles we will be publishing. In the next few weeks we will provide more details regarding our 2024 Roundtables.

About Donovan Hatem LLP

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