Integrated Project Delivery/BIM, Boston

Title:Integrated Project Delivery/BIM
DateMay 26, 2010
Description:On May 26th, Sue Yoakum led a discussion of the latest developments in Integrated Project Delivery (“IPD”) and Building Information Modeling (“BIM”) role in IPD projects. Integrated Project Delivery continues to generate interest and a sense of promise for some owners, designers and constructors and confusion among others. This discussion focused on 1) what is “pure” IPD; 2) what are the modified versions of “IPD;” 3) how to select what form of IPD or if IPD is right for your project; 4) what role does BIM play in IPD projects; and 5) what agreement is right for your IPD project. We reviewed the AIA’s recent IPD model agreement the AIA C191 2009. This recent AIA Agreement is very different than the previous AIA IPD model agreement released in 2007.