Jon Cowen highlighted in Mass Lawyers Weekly cover article on case of first impression before Supreme Judicial Court

Mass Lawyers Weekly highlighted the recent Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court decision holding that the state’s Lis Pendens statute mandates an award of appellate attorneys’ fees to the prevailing party on a special motion to dismiss:

DeCicco makes clear that there is risk to litigants who are of a mind to tie up pieces of real estate in the hopes of negotiating a better deal, said the defendant’s attorney, Jon C. Cowen of Boston.

In his client’s case, the buyers wanted to go ahead with the sale of the property on terms that had not been fully agreed upon, Cowen said. When they did not get their way, they filed a lis pendens, which had the effect of prohibiting the sale of the property for two and a half years.

‘This decision will give more pause to people who are considering making a less-than-legitimate claim to tie up a piece of real estate,’ he said.”

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