June 2021 Roundtable – Claims Investigation, Documentation, and Dispute Resolution

A notice of a design issue or design claim is a serious matter.

A serious matter merits, and requires, a serious response. When an issue or claim is asserted, a number of steps should be taken, and a thorough, meaningful investigation should be conducted.

Join us for our June Roundtable on Thursday, June 24, 2021 presentation as we will:

  • Address the steps to be taken to evaluate an allegation that a design error or omission was made. We will outline the process for investigating, and then working to resolve, error and omission allegations through dispute resolution, and, if necessary, trial.
  • Discuss the identification of issues underlying a claim, experts to be retained and how experts fit into the process, and the documents to be preserved and generated in the course of an investigation and dispute resolution process.
  • Discuss the proper response to discrete legal filings, such as a third-party subpoena, that design professionals routinely face and that require the same comprehensive evaluation and process.


Paul Muniz, Partner, Donovan Hatem LLP

Daniel Cook, Senior Project Manager, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

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