Upcoming Roundtable

It’s time to save the date. On June 27th, 2024 at 12PM EDT, Donovan Hatem will hold its next Roundtable: The Pitfalls and Protections of Contract Review and Negotiation.

During this presentation, we will review a number of key contract terms you will encounter on nearly every project and how you can best manage your risk by managing those terms. We will identify both the best and worst-case language for key terms as well as the language that is the mostly final product of negotiations that will still protect your interests. Finally, we will discuss a selection of case studies highlighting the importance of carefully constructed contract terms. We invite your questions as to specific terms you may have encountered in your practice.

Past Roundtables

Donovan Hatem have been conducting roundtables for more than 25 years. To view our most recent roundtables held on Zoom, or to see topics from roundtables from years past, please visit the Roundtable Archives.