Employment Practices

Donovan Hatem LLP’s Employment Practices attorneys advise clients on all aspects of the employer-employee relationship, anticipating issues and circumstances that can sour the relationship.

By stressing a pro-active approach that maximizes risk avoidance, Donovan Hatem LLP’s attorneys enable their clients to engage in preventive maintenance when it comes to the overall management of employee relations. This improves the chances that this vital relationship remains positive for all parties and for the common good of the enterprise.

The employer-employee relationship is heavily regulated, requiring familiarity with laws such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Wage and Hour Act and the Family Medical Leave Act. In addition, OSHA regulations, “right-to-know” laws, and numerous governmental bodies set numerous standards that govern the workplace.

Their fluency on issues of compliance with these myriad of state and federal laws and regulations enable Donovan Hatem’s attorneys to counsel clients on how to develop best practices when it comes to handling day-to-day workplace events—such as hirings, terminations, separations, transfers, and other inevitable occurrences.

Donovan Hatem can assist in the development of employee manuals, personnel policies, and other guides that are helpful both in avoiding disputes and providing an affirmative defense should disputes arise. The firm can also assist in drafting all manner of agreements and covenants that cover compensation, severance, non-compete and non-disclosure contracts, and other related issues—all designed to protect both the employer and employee when it comes to resolving differences.

While the firm and its clients work hard to head off litigation or formal mediation of disputes, the firm’s employment attorneys are adept at representing clients in discrimination, wrongful termination, civil rights, sexual harassment, noncompetition and trade secret, and wage and hour compliance suits. They have represented clients in federal and state courts and before administrative agencies.

Donovan Hatem can provide assistance with executive compensation plans, stock options, deferred compensation arrangements, and retirement plans for executives. The firm can also assist in the administration of employee benefits programs.