Environmental Practices

Donovan Hatem LLP’s Environmental Law attorneys counsel clients from a multitude of industries in all aspects of environmental law.

Donovan Hatem LLP’s client list is heavily populated with engineers, architects, and other professionals involved with construction, real estate and other development activities. The nature of these clients’ business affairs requires them to be well-advised on a variety of environmental concerns, and this abiding interest has led to Donovan Hatem LLP developing considerable and highly practical expertise in the area of environmental law.

This expertise is valued by Donovan Hatem LLP clients not just in the construction-related professions, but also by real estate developers, investors and lenders. While these clients play different roles in bringing development projects to completion, they share a common concern over the potentially serious impediments that environmental issues can raise.

Donovan Hatem’s environmental law attorneys counsel clients from a multitude of industries in all aspects of environmental law. They are often called upon to prosecute, defend, and mediate environmental claims under the federal Superfund law and its Massachusetts counterpart, (Chapter 21E), the Clean Air Act, the Wetlands Protection Act, and several other environmental statutes and regulations.

The firm’s attorneys in other practice areas often call upon the environmental law specialists to evaluate and develop strategies concerning the environmental risks involved in corporate and financing transactions. Donovan Hatem provides these clients with the full spectrum of services necessary to bring their projects to fruition, from negotiations with regulators, zoning, permitting, and acquisition, through financing, construction, leasing, and disposition.

The firm’s attorneys are also well-skilled in the area of brownfields redevelopment. They can address the specialized needs of clients who acquire, develop, or finance contaminated real estate. In doing so, they help clients minimize risk and maximize the return in this highly regulated area.

The group’s attorneys combine their knowledge and experience in federal and state cleanup requirements and other environmental laws with their expertise in legal issues related to acquiring, developing, and financing real estate.