Now Available! Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build: Opportunities and Risks for Consulting Engineers. P3 3rd Edition

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As P3 and DB approaches on bridges, roads, transit, water supply and treatment, tunnels, rail, and other public infrastructure projects continue to increase, consulting engineers need access to vital knowledge and reliable expertise to make conscientious and prudent decisions about P3 and DB project opportunities and risks.

The third edition of Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build: Opportunities and Risks for Consulting Engineers presents new industry information and experience on P3 and DB approaches, and offers timely recommendations about the rewards, challenges, and risk exposures for consulting engineers in today’s still evolving P3 and DB project work environment.

The third edition, in particular, examines the industry’s concerns about risk allocation and professional liability, and lays out a path of change forward that addresses those concerns and offers guidance on correcting their negative consequences—especially those that derive from aggressive, imbalanced, or imprudent procurement (e.g., pricing, contingency) and contractual (e.g., risk allocation) practices of upstream project participants (e.g., owners, concessionaires, design-builders). 

New to the Third Edition

  • Proposed guidelines to best practices and other initiatives to bring about the recommended changes to improve the roles and alleviate the risk concerns of consulting engineers in P3s and DB.
  • Expanded examination of the various issues, challenges, and considerations relevant to a consulting engineer’s evaluation of whether, and under what terms and circumstances, to participate in P3 and DB projects. 

Public-Private Partnerships and Design-Build: Opportunities and Risks for Consulting Engineers, third edition, provides an objective, realistic, and practical resource for consulting engineers looking to make informed and balanced judgments and decisions about pursuing P3 and DB projects.

Edited by David J. Hatem PC and Patricia B. Gary