September 3 Roundtable at the Boston Harbor Hotel

Design-Build and P3s: Risk Allocation and Professional Liability Claims Experience

Please join us on Thursday, September 3 at the Boston Harbor Hotel for a discussion led by David J. Hatem on the increasingly popular design-build and P3 delivery methods. Beyond any question, design-build is on the rise as the delivery method of choice for many public owners seeking to contain cost overrun and other project risk exposures. In addition, P3, which combines design-build with private financing, is gaining interest across the United States.

This session will focus on risk and claim perspectives, so as to assist design professionals by informing decision-making about participation in design-build and P3 projects. Our primary focus at the roundtable will be on design-build and P3 in public infrastructure projects. More specifically, much of the discussion will center on vertical design-build and P3 projects.

The roundtable discussion will answer such questions as:

  • What factors influence contractual risk allocation decisions in design-build and P3?
  • How do those decisions affect the professional liability exposure of design professionals?
  • What have been the sources and types of professional liability claims against design professionals involved in design-build and P3 projects?
  • Can and should we expect that professional liability insurance will address and mitigate heightened professional liability risk and exposure in design-build and P3?
  • What learned risk management lessons apply to design-build and P3?

This is a topic that you need to know something about to be successful in the brave new world of design-build and P3.

To register, e-mail or call 617-406-4504. Deadline to register is Friday, August 28.