The Design & Construction Management Professional Reporter: September 2022

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Note from the Editor

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As summer is ending, we hope this finds you well and refreshed. We look forward to positive energy in the industry with new spending and ambitious programs underway.

In this edition of the Reporter we discuss a case where the Civilian Board of Contract Appeals awarded equitable adjustment to a GSA contractor for defective specification in an RFI, a Nevada decision holding breach of contract by an architect under state law is not preempted by the ADA, a discussion of New York’s slow roll toward finally enacting a true statute of repose, and a Texas decision upholding the prerequisite of a certificate of merit to a suit against a design professional.

We hope you find these articles informative and helpful. If you have any questions or wish to discuss these articles or any issue impacting the design and construction industry, please reach out to us.

Best regards,
Stephen F. Willig

Equitable Adjustment Awarded To Contractor For Defective Specification In RFI
By Michael S. Robertson

Nevada Supreme Court Finds Breach Of Contract Against Architect Under State Law Is Not Preempted By The ADA
By Thomas D. Duquette

Statute Of Repose: New York May Finally Be Joining The Rest Of The Country
By Andrew M. Radespiel

Texas Appellate Court Holds Certificate Of Merit Against One Design Professional Does Not Apply To Sub Consultant By Mere Reference To Such In A Pleading
By Stephen F. Willig